The Inside Look: What's in my white coat

August 20, 2016

Hi all! As many of you know from my first post, I'm a third year medical student. Medical school has been a bumpy road with obstacles around each corner for me. Thankfully, I always manage to overcome these obstacles and keep pushing forward to achieve my professional dreams. One day I'll tell you guys all about it. Anyway, I'm currently rotating through Pediatrics and thought it would be kind of fun and different to share what I carry in my white coat with you! Most days I stuff my pockets with way more stuff than pictured here, but these are the bare essentials I always carry with me. 

White Coat Clipboard
This is probably the most essential thing I carry in my white coat! Well, second only to my wallet which is kind of essential too. This is definitely a must for any medical student who's beginning rotations. The convenience of having the most daily referenced medical information right in your pocket makes it easier to write progress notes and be on your toes for those pimping moments from your attending. Inside I store my rotation clerkship's schedule, lists of procedures I have to witness and types of patients I have to see to have a complete rotation experience, a table on common pediatric illnesses, and some blank paper for notes. 

Nivea Lip Care A Kiss of Care & Color
It's very simple: hospitals are cold, cold gives you chapped lips, you carry a lip balm. I love that this one also gives you a sheer tint of color!

Maxwell Quick Medical Reference and stickers
I have used the Maxwell Quick Medical Reference maybe twice since I got it. I ordered the larger version by accident but actually prefer it to the smaller size everyone has because: 1. I like to be a weirdo with different things 2. you can actually read the text better. That being said I don't think it's something you need to carry around or even need to purchase. These days I just use it to keep the stickers I bought from getting wrinkled and bent (so useful...). I love carrying stickers around during this rotation to distract the especially fussy kids and just to cheer my patients up!

Moleskine Ruled Notebook PocketPilot G2 05Sharpie Highlighter
I bought this Moleskine notebook at a Target while I was in the states recently. I loved the color! I keep this on me to make notes on my patient's status from the handoff and during my interview for the progress notes. I also make sure to take notes during morning rounds and classes. I love using fine pens and this Pilot G2 05 is perfect! The highlighter I keep on me just to, you guessed it, highlight!

3M™ Littmann® Classic II S.E. Stethoscope
My first stethoscope was a gift from my parents when I entered medical school. If you're a medical student, you know how essential this is to perform any physical exam. If you only bring one thing to the hospital, it better be this!

Gloves, band-aid, reflex hammer, diagnostic set (old and out of stock, check out Welch Allyn)
Gloves, band-aids, tongue depressors, gauze, tape, etc. are things that I stuff in my pockets depending on my rotation, my attending, and my patient's needs. I recently started carrying a reflex hammer because I had some patients who required neurological examinations but, this is not something I usually have with me. A diagnostic set complete with an ophthalmoscope and otoscope are a must when you're rotating through Pediatrics! Performing a complete HEENT (head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat) examination is essential in kids. 

Wallet (old, love this one!)
Last but not least, you need your wallet! Or some kind of card holder for some cash or a card to be able to buy food whenever your attending gives you the break to! I like carrying one with a pocket because when rotating through Surgery I would use it to store my watch or other small personal items so as to keep them in my scrub's back pocket (never leave personal belongings in the locker room if you don't have a locker!).


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