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August 12, 2016

Happy Friday! What better way to start the weekend than spending some time online shopping? I used to be terrified of shopping online, especially for clothes. Through the years I've learned some tips and tricks that I would love to share with you today! The first tip is to always search for coupons on sites like Retail Me Not before hitting that complete order button. I have found such great deals through that website! The following are some of my most trusted sites for online shopping and specific tips for shopping at each one. Enjoy!
I discovered this website while I was still in college and it is still my go to site for jewelry purchases! Anytime I buy an outfit that I know is going to need some type of statement jewelry, I check BaubleBar STAT! They have absolutely gorgeous pieces! I already have quite the collection (could make for an interesting blog post! Interested? Let me know bellow!) and am eager to keep it growing! The best part about their site is that once you subscribe to their emails, you are in the know of every new collection launch and have access to tons of discount codes! Some pieces are expensive but if you can afford the wait, their sales are amazing!

Etsy is handmade heaven! Etsy is a huge website made up of thousands of shops. Think of Etsy as a mall and inside they are many stores filled with amazing finds and handmade beauties! Its a marketplace! People sell everything from vintage items to handmade jewelry, from wedding invitation designs to blog templates (like the one I have!), from clothes to cell phone cases, anything and everything! I bought so many stuff off of Etsy for my wedding and I'm constantly buying personal gifts from there too. Special tip: Always read each stores policy before buying, especially their return policy! 

You all know I'm a lover of Forever 21 clothing! I definitely find better quality pieces and more unique options on their website rather than in store. Unfortunately they do not offer discount codes that often but their sales can be pretty good if you don't mind going through pages and pages of options. I prefer filling up my cart and waiting for those discount codes because although they offer free shipping on orders over $50, this option is not available for shipping to Puerto Rico. A great thing about ordering online is that you have the option of returning any piece you didn't like or didn't fit at your local store in exchange for store credit (which is pretty much the same thing as cash in my book)! No need to go through the trouble of returning via post! 

I'm sure most of you have owned at least one pair of American Eagle Outfitter jeans in your lifetime! They have always been my favorite and I'm sure they make up 99% of my jean collection. After trying out their high rise jeans a few years back, I've never bought any other cut. High rise jeans are just so much more comfortable and incredibly flattering if you have a cuvier figure!A little trick I've learned is that most of the time their websites stocks way more washes and sizes than they have in store! If you're petite like me, you'll know that the store has very limited short cut options. Online they have the option available in almost every cut and wash! I usually visit the store first and see if there is anything I like, try on what they have, and then go purchase online in my best size! They also tend to have even better discounts online too! And to top it all off, they accept returns in-store!

ASOS is a brand/shopping site that I discovered by following many English Youtubers. They have their own brand clothing line and also sell others like Boohoo, Missguided, River Island, and more. I've made many purchases from their site including bags, shirts, and my favorite, their swimsuits! They have vast range of prices and I've never had any problem with ordering and shipping, although it does take a while for packages to arrive. I highly recommend them!

I am a huge fan of Sephora! With such a wide range of makeup brands and product, its pretty easy to fall in love! The best part is that once you become a Beauty Insider there are so many rewards, discounts and sales available for you! I highly recommend becoming a part of their reward system. This is such a great site to browse for gifts for those special ladies in your life! Their travel size variety is also amazing! I definitely use Retail Me Not the most when purchasing from this site. You can find coupons for so many free deluxe samples and gifts!

Ulta is my go-to site for purchasing drugstore makeup. Although I do most of this shopping at my local pharmacy, Ulta can sometimes have the same products for a cheaper price on top of a great discount! Be sure to check it out next time you're considering a drugstore makeup purchase!

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