The Straw Hat

June 2, 2017

Dress/Traje: ASOS (old, love these other options: onetwothree) Bikini/Traje de baño: Victoria's Secret (old, similar top + bottoms) Sun hat/Sombrero: Marshalls (similar here, also love these pom pom versions one, two) Sunglasses/Gafas: Ray-Ban

¡Hola! Two posts in one week! I've been dying to post these photos ever since we took them, which was almost a month ago! These were taken during a weekend getaway to the west side of Puerto Rico. We were staying at Cabo Rojo and took a road trip to Aguadilla to find this beautiful beach appropriately named Survival Beach. The hike to the beach was definitely a challenge but also worth it! It lead us to a long, beautifully seemingly untouched beach through a path filled with gorgeous views. There are also breathtaking caves along the way but the tide was too high for us to explore them.  The hike is not one for the weak or light-winded, let me tell you! We had no idea that the path was going to be so intense so you can imagine me hiking along in lace-up sandals, this gorgeous maxi dress and almost every beach "necessity" you can imagine... Beach rookie of the year! 

I had bought this dress over a year ago for my honeymoon but never used it. I love the front slit it has and the off the shoulder sleeves. It's very, very transparent so I  wouldn't use it for anything other than a swimsuit coverup. I paired it with some lace-up sandals (not pictured) and this amazing sun hat I found at my local Marshalls. Similar hats have been featured on almost every fashion blogger I follow's Instagram but those were super expensive (like this one, $400 for a hat? NO.). So you can imagine the squeal I let out when I found this one for only $14.99! Jackpot! Topped everything off with my round Ray-Bans and boom! Beach chic at a very affordable price!

If you're interested in visiting Survival Beach for the first time here are some tips:
1. Wear comfortable shoes! Use tennis shoes for the hike and bring some flip flops in your beach bag if you want to.
2. The path can be very narrow at times so think about what you're taking carefully. For instance, a huge cooler on wheels would not be a good idea but a small one you can carry cross-body or on your shoulder can work.
3. There are spots under cliffs and huge rocks to hide from the sun but I recommend bringing a beach umbrella just in case all those spots are taken. There is no shade close to the shore.
4. Pack light! Do you really need 3 sunblocks, 4 chairs, 2 meals and 6 snacks, etc.? No. Cut it down to the bare necessities. Obviously, your favorite drink (and water) has top priority! I took a bottle of champagne (a cheap on!) and a small, travel juice for mixing my own mimosas!
5. Bring a trash bag so you can leave the beach nice and clean!

How do you get there?
Depending on where you're leaving from it may differ but you must end up on Carretera Puerto Rico 2/PR-2 W to Aguadilla. Then take PR-107 to Cliff Rd in Maleza Baja until you arrive to a parking area. From there, walk to the beginning of the parking lot, towards the forrest, and start the hike following the path on the ground, follow it straight. There are no signs so don't be afraid to ask someone for more specific directions! The hike will take you 20-45 minutes depending on your speed and cargo. Here's a pin for further direction:

If you visit, let me know with the hashtag #thegirlonanislandtravels!

The Packing List: Summer Getaway

May 29, 2017

¡Hola! It's been a long while again! I just finished my first 4th year elective rotation in General Surgery so you can imagine my free time has been limited (non-existent to be more precise!), but I loved every hectic second of it! More on that in another post! Anyways, I was planning a weekend getaway for my little family and decided to share some things I would pack. 

1 It's no secret that I have a growing one-piece swimsuit collection and I'm proud to say I added this one to the pack! 

2 A gorgeous printed one-piece that could even be worn at night with a maxi skirt!

3 A sexy swimsuit for my plus-sized ladies!

4 (top)4 (bottoms) This bikini is so flattering for all shapes! It also comes in other colors.

5 A statement necklace like this one can take any outfit to another level.

6 Rompers are great because you can wear them as a cover-up for the beach/pool or you can wear them with tennis shoes for an excursion, making packing a whole lot easier! 

7 This gingham outfit is adorable! 

8 Another great day-to-night option!

9 If you have an Instagram account you've seen a graphic straw hat on almost every blogger and if you took the time to see how much those cost, you were flabbergasted by the price! Lucky for you, I found a very affordable option!

10 I love the palm print of this plus-sized maxi dress!

11 How fun are these earrings? They scream "VACAY!"

12 I recently shared a snap on the blog's Instagram wearing a Zaful dress so I decided to share one of their bathing suits here. My friend says they run small but she loves them!

13 A whole outfit with pineapples? Yes please!

14 I love packing a clutch like this one because it can go with any outfit, day or night! I would also pack a comfortable crossbody bag if I knew we were going on any excursions.

15 I usually buy my luggage at Marshalls or TJ Maxx but I couldn't resist sharing this rose gold beauty!

16 As for shoes, I would pack flats like these, a pair of flip flops, tennis shoes, and some nude/black heels. 

17 One neutral cover up like this one is enough for a whole trip!

I hope you enjoyed these options! Let me know if you find any other great summer outfits!

The Grey Swimsuit

April 4, 2017

Swimsuit/Traje de baño: ASOS Skirt/Falda: Forever 21 (love this mustard maxi!) Shoes/Sandalias: Novus Bag/Cartera: Kate Spade (smaller version here) Sunglasses/Gafas: Ray Ban

¡Hola! It's been quite a long time! As you know I am still on the road to becoming a doctor and medical school requires tremendous dedication. Being a medical student is a full time job. Because of this, I do take time off from posting now and then to focus on that bigger picture in my life. That being said, I hope you also know how much I love this blog. It's more than my hobby, it's an outlet and it's my little corner of the universe where I can share whatever my beating heart desires! Even though I'm not posting, my head is exploding with ideas to share with all of you and I can't wait to work on them! I'm also dying to hear more from you guys! What do you most want to see from me? Medical school updates? Outfit posts? Makeup tutorials? Skin care advice? All of the above? (haha) Let me know below (pretty please with sugar on top)!

These photos are a little dated, I admit. They were taken, I want to say, in mid-February when my husband took me for a much needed weekend getaway to the beach. We stayed at the San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel for the first time and it was lovely. The staff were very friendly and the room was nice and, most importantly, clean. We had breakfast in the restaurant on the first floor, Zest, and then went up to the rooftop pool to enjoy the view for a while. Then we hit the beach! The hotel offers its guests lounge chairs and umbrellas, kindly set up in any spot you wish by a staff member.

Once I knew my husband had booked us a beach vacation, I ran to to buy a new bathing suit. Hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to look extra special for romantic getaways! I love ASOS one pieces because 1. they're stylish 2. they make you feel like a movie star and 3. they're cheap! This grey one-piece hit all three checkmarks! 

I also want to note that neither these nor any other photo I post on this blog have been or will be photoshopped/edited in any way to make my body fit any mainstream idea of "the perfect body". More on health and body in another post because I could go on and on and on...

Remember to leave me suggestions for posts in the comment section! 

Con amor, 
María Eugenia

P.S. Even though I haven't been posting here, I've kept the blog's instagram page updated at all times! Check it out and follow!

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