The Grey Swimsuit

April 4, 2017

Swimsuit/Traje de baño: ASOS Skirt/Falda: Forever 21 (love this mustard maxi!) Shoes/Sandalias: Novus Bag/Cartera: Kate Spade (smaller version here) Sunglasses/Gafas: Ray Ban

¡Hola! It's been quite a long time! As you know I am still on the road to becoming a doctor and medical school requires tremendous dedication. Being a medical student is a full time job. Because of this, I do take time off from posting now and then to focus on that bigger picture in my life. That being said, I hope you also know how much I love this blog. It's more than my hobby, it's an outlet and it's my little corner of the universe where I can share whatever my beating heart desires! Even though I'm not posting, my head is exploding with ideas to share with all of you and I can't wait to work on them! I'm also dying to hear more from you guys! What do you most want to see from me? Medical school updates? Outfit posts? Makeup tutorials? Skin care advice? All of the above? (haha) Let me know below (pretty please with sugar on top)!

These photos are a little dated, I admit. They were taken, I want to say, in mid-February when my husband took me for a much needed weekend getaway to the beach. We stayed at the San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel for the first time and it was lovely. The staff were very friendly and the room was nice and, most importantly, clean. We had breakfast in the restaurant on the first floor, Zest, and then went up to the rooftop pool to enjoy the view for a while. Then we hit the beach! The hotel offers its guests lounge chairs and umbrellas, kindly set up in any spot you wish by a staff member.

Once I knew my husband had booked us a beach vacation, I ran to to buy a new bathing suit. Hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to look extra special for romantic getaways! I love ASOS one pieces because 1. they're stylish 2. they make you feel like a movie star and 3. they're cheap! This grey one-piece hit all three checkmarks! 

I also want to note that neither these nor any other photo I post on this blog have been or will be photoshopped/edited in any way to make my body fit any mainstream idea of "the perfect body". More on health and body in another post because I could go on and on and on...

Remember to leave me suggestions for posts in the comment section! 

Con amor, 
María Eugenia

P.S. Even though I haven't been posting here, I've kept the blog's instagram page updated at all times! Check it out and follow!

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