The Health & Wellness: Tips & Apps for Keeping Your Wellness Resolutions

February 26, 2018

It's the end of February already! How are those New Year's Resolutions coming? Personally, so far so good! I've been managing to drink more water, keep up a fitness routine, and eat healthier. The one wellness goal I have yet to achieve is to meditate daily or weekly, or even at all! Below I'll share apps I've been using to keep track of my goals. Thank heavens we live in a modern world where our phones can help us do so!

I know you've probably heard the suggestion of drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day but that is an outdated recommendation. Your hydration status is personal and it depends on your gender, body mass index or BMI (a measure of body fat based on height and weight), and daily activity. For example, someone who works out daily and sweats should probably drink more water than your average couch potato just to replenish those losses. Calculate your hydration status here.

I think the best way to start tackling this goal is be getting a cute water bottle! You can find them anywhere, from Walmart, Walgreens to TJ Maxx, Mashalls, and online! ones are very cool. My latest one is from Thermos and I love it because it has a dial that lets me track how may I've had during the day. When I'm at home, I prefer drinking water from an insulated cup with a straw. I don't know what it is about drinking water from a straw but it sure does make me meet my goal quicker! Here are apps that could also help you:

Plant Nanny (iOS, Android): My personal favorite app for tracking my water intake! After following a friend's recommendation, I was hooked! Each time you drink water and log it in the app, you water your plant. You keep watering your plant until it grows to its maximum and you get to plant a new one! Could it be anymore adorable?

My water balance (iOS, Android): You could say this is a more "refined" app than the one above. It includes a water requirement calculator and rewards for reaching your goal. I like that it takes various types of drinks into account for measuring your hydration.

Exercise has endless benefits! As women, exercising and maintaining an adequate BMI lowers our risk for cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of mortality in women worldwide! So yeah, I would say it is a big deal! What is the right amount of exercise? The recommended amount is 150 min/week of moderate activity (e.g. walking) or 75 min/week of vigorous activity (e.g. running, practicing a sport) with at least 2 days/week of muscle strengthening activities (e.g. weight lifting or body weight exercises).

I plan to prepare a more in depth post on exercise which should be up in the next couple of weeks. There I will include information on my routine and progress while using the Sweat app described below:

Sweat (iOS, Android): I began using this app and the BBG Stronger program 6 weeks ago. I am not going to sugar coat this: it is INTENSE. My interest for this program began after reading Rach Parcell's progress and following Kayla Itsines, founder, on Instagram where she shares other progress photos and inspiration. I was intrigued and began the program as a way to stay on track with my resolution to work out more this year. I was lucky enough to find a discount for $1 for 3 months of training. View the normal registration prices here.

Nike Fitness Club (iOS, Android): This is the app I would previously use to log my runs. It now also offers more than 160 free workouts and video guidance from trainers. You can prepare your own personalized workout and get daily workout recommendations.

Strava (iOS, Android): My husband swears by this app to track his cycling. He even uses it to track his runs. It compares your runs and let's you know if you've bettered/worsened your times. It also lets you know if others have run the same route and their timing.

To see my tips for a better night's sleep, check out the last Health & Wellness post on sleep. Although now I use my Fitbit to occasionally track my sleep (as will be discussed below), there is an app I have used in the past which I enjoyed:

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (iOS, Android): This app analyzes your sleep pattern. By doing this it wakes you up at your lightest sleep phase. It accomplishes this by analyzing vibration and sound. It can even track your snoring! 

This is a new goal for me. Although meditation isn't something we are taught in depth about in medical school, I've done my own research and learned about its many benefits. Meditation can help reduce stress, improves concentration, increases self-awareness, and even benefits cardiovascular health! I've also been longing to be more present in life and more appreciative. For this, I've required the help of the following apps:

5 Minute Journal (iOS, Android): I purchased the actual 5 Minute Journal around a year ago. Although I love putting pen to paper and actually writing down the answers to the daily questions (I am grateful for, What would make today great?, Daily affirmation, etc.), while I was rotating I found myself to be rushing out the door or falling fast asleep from exhaustion before being able to do so. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the app so that I could have my 5 minutes of reflection wherever I am during the day.

Calm (iOS, Android): As mentioned in my sleep post, I love this app for its bedtime stories. I have also used it for its guided meditations. Unfortunately the app has been updated so that most of its use needs a paid subscription which I am not yet lucky enough to have. I plan on taking advantage of the free aspects for the moment.

Headspace (iOS, Android): Although I prefer Calm, this app also offers guided meditation. You might of heard of this app if you heard the Ted Radio Hour podcast on slowing down (Interested on a post on my favorite podcasts? Let me know!) Check out both for your preference!

No healthy lifestyle changes would be complete without an adequate diet. Food gives you the energy to keep you moving and concentrated. I have been struggling with my tummy health for a long time now and have made specific changes to my diet which. I plan to write a whole other post on food and diet since it is a very extensive topic (and might even request the help a very food-smart friend!), so keep an eye out for that!

I find it extremely difficult to keep track of my meals for some reason. At this moment I am using a What I Ate notepad to keep track but in the past I have used the following app quite successfully!

Lifesum (iOS, Android): This app does everything: it counts your calories, provides meal options and recipes, and also tracks your water intake. I hate having to log in food so I enjoyed being able to scan in the barcodes of the products I consumed.

Fitbit (iOSAndroid): I have already sung my praises for the Fitbit in the Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him but that was simply not enough to express how much this gadget and accompanying app have changed my life.

I own the Fitbit Charge 2. This magnificent gadget reads my heart rate, tracks my steps, gives guided breathing sessions, tracks your sleep, and shows calls and text messages on its screen. The app has even more features: it tracks your all day activity, tracks your exercise (its amazing for HIIT programs that depend on your heart rate!), it tracks your sleep and reviews your trends, it can even vibrate to wake you as an alarm clock! The app can also track your weight, measure your hydration by logging your water intake, and you can use it to log your meals too!

You don't even need a Fitbit to use the app, it can track your steps and activity as the iPhone already does! Suffice to say it is, in my opinion, the best way to get your health on track for the remainder of the year!

What is your must-have app to stay on top of your health/fitness/wellness? Let me know below!

Con amor,
María Eugenia


  1. Otra app que me parece muy buena es Fabulous, no sé si está para IPhone, pero es excelente. Te ayuda a adquirir y modificar hábitos, te da rutinas de ejercicios, meditación, yoga, enfoque para trabajar etc.

    Gracias por las recomendaciones, soy del team que las resoluciones duran 1 semana! Y luego la vida pasa😤

    1. No habia escuchado de ese! Le voy a dar el intento! Gracias por la recomendacion!
      x ME

  2. I need something for drinking more water! This is awesome!


    1. Its so adorable! You end up drinking water just to keep your plant alive!
      x ME

  3. SUch great tips babe!

    Ellie xx

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