The Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him

February 2, 2018

Let me start this off with a disclaimer: My husband and I have decided to no longer buy each other gifts for Valentine's Day. We prefer to spend that money on a trip/activities/dates that bring us closer together as a couple. That being said, I know most people like to buy their person something special (I used to even go a little overboard!) so here are some gift ideas that have been husband approved!
1. Old Navy Slim-Fit Built-In Flex Botanical-Print Classic Shirt ($24.99) 2. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones ($149.95) 3.Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($100) 4. Tissot Everytime Leather Strap Watch ($275) 5. Fitbit Charge 2 ($149.95) 6. Adidas NMD R2 Sneaker ($130) 7. Weekend Bag ($49.99) 8. Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit ($35) 9. Tumi Delta ID Lock Shielded Slim Single Billfold ($85) 10. What I Love About You ($10)

1. Clothes: I don't know about you ladies, but I purchase 90% of my husband's clothes. Since we live on a tropical island, I'm constantly buying him any short sleeve shirt I can find! I usually buy them at TJ Maxx (he loves the brand Denim & Flower) or at Old Navy like the one above.

2. Headphones: Ever since I bought myself wireless headphones, my gym experience has never been the same. Its easier to run and workout without getting tangled by your headphones. If your man loves to workout, I'm sure he'd appreciate a pair! For cheaper, wired headphones check these out.

3. Bluetooth speaker: Whether if its to blast music at the beach or while he studies/works, men love a good bluetooth speaker. My father has more than 5 around the house!

4. Watch: While this one from Tissot is definitely a splurge, you can find great watches at your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx for an amazing price! Also check out Macy's!

5. Fitbit: I bought my husband the Fitibit Charge 2 a year ago and it is by far one of the best gifts I have ever given him. I bought it for him initially because as a surgery resident, he doesn't have the ability to schedule his workouts as he used to. This helps him realize how many steps he actually takes in a day (while on rotation I could easily track >24,000 steps in 1 day!). It also reads your heart rate, tracks your sleep, AND displays calls and text messages via bluetooth connection with your phone! It wasn't long before I had my own and use it daily also!

6. Shoes: Be it workout/running shoes, shoes for work, shoes for casual or formal events, shoes are always a great option for a gift. As long as you know their size!

7. Weekend bag: You're going away for the weekend with your guy and have packed everything in your cute tote/bag or suitcase and he meets you with the raggedy backpack he's had since high school. Help him look more refined by getting him an elegant weekend bag!

8. Skincare/Beard grooming: If your husband's like mine, a beard grooming kit is a great gift! Men will never buy skincare for themselves so it's up to us! Other options could include a shaving kit or a little bit of everything skincare like in this "It's all about him" kit.

9. Wallet: Check out your man's wallet. Does he have the same velcro one he's probably had since high school, in desperate need for a new one? Now's the chance! This one from Coach is also nice. I would personally head over to an outlet store to get one for a better price!

10. A loving detail: As featured in the gift guide for her, this would also be an adorable addition to your man's gift. It gives it a personal touch. These love tokens are another great option!

Con amor,
María Eugenia


  1. I like it!! I agree in the weekend bag thing, I worked with Mahi Leather last year and they have an amazing selection of real leather bags, especially for men.

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