The last minute weekend getaway: Puerto Rico

March 21, 2018

¡Hola! As you all know, my husband and I are both doctors. I just finished my medical degree and am waiting to start my residency and my husband is an surgery intern. This means that planning a weekend getaway just the two of us is extremely rare and almost always left until the very last minute because we never know too much in advance when we are going to be able to get away. Even so, we always manage to plan fun and cheap weekend trips in less than a day or two. How? Keep reading!

1. Where to go: First things first: where do you want to go? Even though Puerto Rico is such a tiny island, it is jam-packed with places to go! There's something different worth exploring in every single town! How do you decide where you want to go? Check your mood. Do you need a relaxing weekend just chilling on the beach? Head to the west! Do you feel stuck in a rut all week and want to have a little fun? Head to the north! Do you want to jump on a catamaran and explore the sea? Head to the east! I can go on and on! If you're up for anything, go somewhere you haven't been before. Check something off that Puerto Rico bucket list! I like to check out a list such as this one: 100 Things to do in Puerto Rico Before You Die. I also always check for any deals on Gustazos and Spotin (they have an app too!).

2. Where to stay: We are lucky enough that both our parents have apartments in Cabo Rojo (west PR) so every time we want to explore that side of PR, they kindly lend us their places (WIN!). Maybe you have a family member or friend living around the area/with a place in the area you want to explore! ¡No pierdes nada con preguntar! There's nothing to lose by just asking if you can crash at their place! If you feel too guilty, invite them on your adventure!  When we decide to spend the weekend in the metropolitan/capital area (San Juan), we usually opt for an Airbnb. These are some we have stayed at and highly recommend: Old San Juan's Hidden Gem, Tripper's Inn Ocean Park, Cozy Studio Apartment Condado.

3. Where to eat: I am always asking friends (and you guys!) for restaurant recommendations. I keep them listed on my phone's Notes app by city. This way we're not going through the usual "where do you want to go?", ""I don't know, where do you want to go?" debate when it comes time to choose a place to eat. I also follow recommendations from Puerto Rican food blogs such as Una Jeva con Hambre and use apps such as Sal! (check out their website here).

4. What to pack: This really depends on the type of weekend you have planned. Obviously if you plan to spend it on the beach, pack swimsuits, coverups, sunscreen, etc.! If you're planning a more city/touristy weekend pack lightweight tops, shorts/jeans, etc. However, there are some things that could come in handy no matter what you have planned such as: your camera, a straw hat, sunglasses, an evening outfit, mosquito repellant, and I always carry an abanico de mano (fan). The trick is to pack light and with pieces that you can mix and match as needed!

Con amor,
María Eugenia


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun!!!
    and those travel tips are very useful xx

    1. Thank you! If you ever visit Puerto Rico, now you know a little about our island!
      x ME

  2. Gorgeous post and Puerto Rico is now on my bucketlist haha

    Beautiful Blog

    Hayley (

    1. You would love it here! My favorite place in the world!
      x ME

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