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April 13, 2018

¡Hola! Today's post was chosen by you! I asked on my Instagram stories what you would like to see this Friday and it was a tie between styling a basic white tee and a get to know me Q&A, so here we are! I'll be answering questions sent in to me on Instagram and sharing a couple of photos of me styling a basic white tee. Enjoy!

1. What countries have you visited? Which has been your favorite?
I've visited mainland USA, Canada, Mexico, Aruba, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Spain, France,  and United Kingdom. My favorite would have to be Mexico just because of the memories. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Playa Mujeres and they were some of the best days of my life.

2. What's your best way to kill anxiety when you know its there? And what advice can you give about your marriage? Not just for good things, but for the situations that life brings.
I don't think there's a way to study medicine without ever suffering from anxiety at some point or another. I've tried countless of practices to combat anxiety: breathing exercises, taking a shower, aromatherapy, etc. While they all do work for me in a way, my favorite way to beat anxiety is to RUN. I stop what I'm doing, head to the gym, jump on the treadmill, and RUN. Exercise releases endorphins, hormones that make you happy and reduce stress. After a good run I feel ready to begin tackling any obstacle again.

My husband and I have been together for 5 years, married for the last 2. During this time we've been through quite a lot: the stress of medical school, being apart for months at a time while I studied for board exams, becoming a stepparent, the beginnings of his surgery residency, and so much more. There are many things I think go into having a good marriage but I think the two most important things are patience and forgiveness. Be patient as you continue to learn about one another. My mother has always told me: "You never stop getting to know someone". That's because you'll never know  exactly what's on their minds and everyone is constantly changing and growing. Learn to forgive because no marriage can last a hundred years if it holds on to grudges. Grudges not only destroy your marriage, they destroy your own happiness.

3. Marriage! How did you meet your hubby, proposal, wedding photos!?
Funny enough I met my husband for the first time when he crashed my 21st birthday party tagging along with some friends we had in common! He was quite smitten with me, I was not. Years passed and we never spoke until I saw him on the first day of medical school orientation! He had changed so much and I was quite intrigued! He basically decided for both of us that we were going to end up together. One thing led to another and here we are!

When he was going to propose, I admit, I kind of knew it was coming! I just know him so well, I knew something was up! He invited me to dinner on a Monday after a test (I was a third year medical student). I got all dressed up, did my nails (very important for ring photos!), and he picked me up. On the way to the restaurant he said he had forgotten his wallet so we had to go by his apartment. I kept insisting that it was no big deal, that I could pay, but he was adamant that we go pick it up. I waited in the car before getting a text from him to meet him upstairs. When I reach the apartment door, he's waiting for me outside. He opens the door and the entryway is filled with roses and candles. He had prepared a special meal for us. After, he got on one knee, gave a speech about our love, and asked me to marry him. I was so excited I didn't even look at the ring until I stopped crying! The first person we called was our daughter, who was ecstatic! It was perfect.

Here's a wedding photo!
Photo by Saul Padua Photography

4. What to do you do besides blogging? 
I finished my doctorate degree in medicine and am waiting to start a surgery residency program while studying for my last board exam. My current professional goal is to become a general surgeon.

5. What motivated you to start a blog? What have been your favorite collabs and why?
I'd been wanting to start a blog since college but instead dedicated myself to studying, getting into medical school, then surviving medical school. I finally felt comfortable enough at the end of my third year that, with the insistence of friends and family, I went for it! I needed a hobby and what better than a corner of the internet where I can share all my other passions: fashion, beauty, travels, and now health too!

My favorite collaborations I've done so far have been the interview for The Golden Cactus' series: Bosses & Bloggers and the video for International Women's Day prepared by Ruthie Fonseca along with other gorgeous Puerto Rican bloggers. I felt honored since the second I was approached to do the interview and the video for women was really empowering. Read the interview here and check out the video here!

6. What quality do you think makes a great doctor?
This is a tough and great question. I think many qualities make up a great doctor but if I had to choose one it would be humility. A doctor should be humble enough to know that he/she never stops learning, to recognize when he/she is wrong, to recognize when to send a patient to another colleague, to know that their purpose is to serve others.

7. What are your best styling tips, especially for layering?
My #1 styling tip is to dress however which way makes YOU happy. Don't get to hung up on following trends. You shouldn't adjust your style to any trend, you can however adjust any trend to fit YOUR style! 

Layering is a complicated thing when you live on a tropical island like I do because layers mean heat. That being said, I do love layering pieces anyway! I do this by choosing lightweight layers such as thin cardigans, denim jackets, breathable blazers, etc.

8. When you go shopping, do you have a budget or do you just take advantage of sales/discounts and buy what you like?
I'm more of a "follow the sales" kind of girl. I rarely buy things at normal prices, unless its a great price! Because of this, I tend to do more online shopping where I can find more coupon codes. I also use sites like Shoptagr where you can follow item prices and they notify you when its on sale!

9. What's the best and worse fashion trend of all time in your opinion?
Best: The little black dress, timeless!
Worse: Harem pants!

10. Do you plan your weekly outfits beforehand or do you roll with your mood in the morning?
I usually take out the clothes I want to wear the next day the night before but if I wake up in a different kind of mood, I roll with it!

11. How do you keep yourself motivated?
I focus on my goal and have my father's words on repeat: "Never give up". I'm passionate about all my goals in life: being a good wife and partner, being a good stepparent, keeping up this blog, and becoming a surgeon so that in itself keeps me motivated.

Top/Camisa: Old Navy (similar) Skirt/Falda: Forever 21 (love this mustard one!) Shoes/Zapatos: Steve Madden Bag/Cartera: Zara

Con amor,
María Eugenia


  1. Love this! Gracias por mencionar la entrevista para mi fue un placer. Me encantan las fotos.

    1. Of course! It will forever be a favorite! Gracias bella!
      x ME

  2. Love this post and getting to know you. Well done on juggling your medical ambitions and your blog. Also, you look like an absolutely adorable couple and you look stunning on your wedding day x

    1. Thank you so much, beautiful! Juggling both of these passions isn't easy but I give my best to both :)
      x ME

  3. I love this post, María Eugenia! It's fantastic that you enjoy blogging and studying, which is quite hard to balance (sometimes) I guess. At least that's what I am struggling with. Having a full-time job in the education sector, I often find it difficult accommodate a number of things.


    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Blogging and studying was definitely a hard thing to balance but keeping medicine as my #1 priority kept my mind focused! I love blogging and will have to work on balancing it even more once I start residency!
      x ME

  4. What a great post idea! I think that most of the time us bloggers are always trying to think outside the box when it comes to content ideas, but sometimes it's best just to go back to basics!


  5. I love this post! I particularly love your answer to the question on what the most important trait of a doctor is. As a final year vet student, I definitely believe humility and the acceptance that you don't and never will know everything is extremely important to ensure you uphold the best patient care! Loving the styling tips too. Keep up the great work girl!

    Kelly Anne xx

    1. So happy you enjoyed it! It is definitely a quality that vets and other health care professionals should have to provide the best care.
      x ME

  6. Oh I loved to read through this Maria! I didn't know you are a doctor-to-be, that's amazing. I especially like your approach of never stop learning and improving your qualities. I think this is definitely true for every part in our lives. :) Happy Sunday!
    xx, Carmen -

    1. It makes me so happy to know that you enjoyed reading this! Thank you so much!
      x ME

  7. You look so chic babe and it's nice to know more about you.
    I love LBD dress

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  8. The proposal was so romantic!!! Your husband did very well :D


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