The Hacienda: La Mocha

August 20, 2018

Dress/Traje: Forever 21 Shoes/Zapatos: Steve Madden Bag/Cartera: Street Level/La Favorita Earrings/Pantallas: Forever 21 Necklaces/Collares: Vintage + Alex & Ani

¡Hola! Its been quite a long time! As you may know if you follow me on social media, I'm almost 2 months into my surgery residency program. Its been amazing, exhausting, fulfilling, challenging, all at the same time. If you want to catch more of my day to day (or at least what I'm able to share through such busy days), be sure to follow along on Instagram!

Last month though, we had a little break and went up to Hacienda La Mocha for Sunday lunch. This quaint little spot has been renovated following the devastation of Hurricane Maria into a family owned coffee plantation. It is also an eco-friendly guesthouse with a wonderful restaurant on its first floor. Our lunch was delicious and reasonably priced! The grounds (45 acres!) on which this plantation/guest house is set is just breathtaking. Everything from the guest rooms to the decor to the hospitality is just whimsical. We started planning our next visit the moment we left! Find out more about Hacienda La Mocha here and follow them on Facebook here.



  1. Omg esta bello!!!!!!! Eso es uno de los spots que quiero ir cuando vaya a PR en sept...VOY EN SEPT OISTE!!!!!


  2. Beautiful photographs! This place really looks cosy and wonderful.
    Glad you enjoy your surgery residency!

  3. I just love to travel such this place. I think in the tour you just pass a great time in such beautiful palace. And obviously the photo captured of you with the place is looking amazing.

  4. Hermoso lugar, ¡está bien pinterest! y las fotos encantadoras. Espero que nos mantengas al día de tu residencia ^_^

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