Cabo San Lucas

December 3, 2020

Hola! As always, it's been a long time! A lot has happened since I last wrote, in my life and worldwide. I'm a little rusty but wanted to share a trip I recently took to Cabo San Lucas. I was in desperate need of quality time with myself and this trip was just what the doctor order (and I'm my own doctor, get it? hahaha) Here are a few snaps and outfit details. I hope this is a sign of me dusting off my blogging boots and getting back into it. I hope you're all still up for the ride!

A huge thank you to my dear friend Patricia (follow her Instagram) for coming along with me!

Travel outfit
Jacket (sold out, similar). T-shirt. Leggings. Necklace.

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos where we enjoyed an all-inclusive resort which is perfect when all you have in mind is to relax and not stress about the details of your vacation. On the day we arrived we had a smooth check-in, toured the room/hotel, and celebrated my birthday at the Mexican themed restaurant.

We started our full day at the resort with a massage at Rock Spa. I booked a deep tissue massage and enjoyed from the sauna, steam room, and hydrotherapy experience. It was the perfect way to peel off all the stress I was carrying and start off our vacation! We spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool, walking by the shore, and had dinner at the Zen Teppanyaki restaurant.

This was followed by a tour through the city of Cabo San Lucas and a shopping trip. We found a never ending passageway of local stores and bought tons of souvenirs. I loved all the bright colors! We then spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool.

Day four was spent, you guessed it, by the pool! We took full advantage of the "all-inclusive" situation enjoying pool-side meals and wine. We also had fun painting some pottery as an additional souvenir. Then we saw the sunset, had dinner, and put on some face masks!

For our last full day we went on a boat tour to the Arch, had lunch at The Sand Bar right on San Lucas Bay, enjoyed time at the beach, extra time by the pool, and a final dinner. It all sums up to the perfect holiday!

1: Bikini top. Skirt (sold out, check out this cute cover-up dress). Handbag. Shoes.
2: Top (similar, also love this one). Shorts. Shoes. Bag (similar). Headband (similar).
3: Cover-up (dress style). Hat (similar). HandbagShoes.
4: Matching set (Valija).

1: Top. Headband (similar). HandbagShoes.
2: Dress (similar). Bag (similar). Shoes.
3: Dress. Shoes.
4: Matching set (Valija). Bag (similar). Shoes.

Music: Cuenta Conmigo by Mike Bahia + Llane + PJ Sin Suela + Mozart La Para

Con amor,
Maria Eugenia


  1. Omgggggg you are backkkkkk!!!!!!!! Que emoción vovlerte a ver por estos lares. Que rico se ve este trip y ame el videito! Ojalá sea el comienzo (again) de no parar 💙

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  3. Que bello es este lugar y que bueno ver que has vuelto a publicar. Me encantaron las fotos. Felicidades Maria Eugenia en tu cumplea~os y bendiciones abundantes.

  4. I'm from Indonesia. I love US cities . US is wonderful country, and blessed country.

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